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How does the laser work? The Versapulse laser is composed of a single wavelength of visible light (532 nm). The laser passes through the skin and is absorbed by the unwanted vessels. By keeping the skin chilled with gel during the treatments, the surface of the skin is protected. The laser beam is about the diameter of a pencil eraser. Because the laser pulses are delivered quickly, entire regions (rather than individual vessels) can be treated in a short period of time.

How many treatments are needed? The number of treatments depends on the type of vessels treated and your skin’s predisposition to create new ones. Bright red, distinct vessels (which are very superficial within the skin) often improve significantly with 1-2 treatments. Patients with a diffuse redness (or a ruddy complexion) often require 3-4 treatments. Blue or purple vessels are typically too deep for the Versapulse laser, but may respond to another laser type.

Patients with unwanted redness tend to develop more redness over time. While we will make every effort to provide you with an accurate treatment number estimate and the desired results, we cannot guarantee them. However, as a general rule, some improvement should be noted with each treatment. If not, please advise your provider so that other laser options may be discussed.

What can I expect with a treatment? Your eyes will be protected with metal goggles during the procedure, and you will be fully awake. Cold gel will be applied to your skin. Each pulse is stingy but should not be painful. If you are uncomfortable or having pain, please let your provider know so that your settings can be adjusted. Each treatment lasts around 15- 30 minutes. Following the procedure, your skin will appear pink or red. You may apply an ice pack to reduce any discomfort or swelling. If desired, makeup may be applied immediately following the treatment. The day following the procedure, swelling that looks like mosquito bites sometimes forms. If this occurs, ice compresses can be applied. It may take up to 3 weeks to see the full improvement attained by a treatment. Driving to and from the procedure is fine.

How do I prepare for my treatment? We suggest avoiding any sun exposure for 4 weeks prior to each treatment. If possible, come into the clinic without any makeup or creams on the areas to be treated. Alternatively, we will have you wash your skin prior to treatment. If the treatment site is near your hair, avoid all alcohol based hair products/spray the day of the procedure. If desired, you may bring your makeup and apply it immediately following the treatment.


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